Health Economics (Fall 2016, Spring 2017) Syllabus
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (Winter 2015, Spring 2016) Syllabus
Introduction to Econometrics I (Summer 2014, Winter 2016) Syllabus
Introduction to Econometrics II (Summer 2015) Syllabus


Ph.D. Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
Introduction to Econometrics
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Managerial Economics (UT Austin EMBA program)


Tuan is a very talented teacher. Not only does he explain ideas clearly but he offers multiple viewpoints for each concept. All of his lectures are extremely well outlined and correlate directly to the material in the book and in the homework. Tuan is also very open to discussing current economic trends in relation to the material discussed in class. Not only does he answer questions thoroughly but he encourages students to ask them and recognizes that all questions are good questions. He brings humor into the class and also engages with students by asking questions throughout lecture.
— Intermediate Macro Theory, Winter 2015
The instructor was very helpful and he knew what he was talking about. His method of teaching was excellent and he always made sure we understand what was being taught. I liked how at the beginning of each class he would do a review/recap of what we learned in the previous class. He provided enough materials for us to become successful in this class.
— Introduction to Econometrics II, Summer 2015
He did a great job of establishing such a solid base of knowledge in the beginning of the course that everything else built so naturally from that foundation. He excelled at making complex content very straight forward and intuitive.
— Introduction to Econometrics I, Winter 2016
He was a great lecturer and provided many examples that helped with understanding the material and doing the homework. He was very approachable and I learned a lot from this course easily. I appreciate that with the harder material he did not just lecture more on it. He wrote out the material on the board and thoroughly explained not only the material but also the intuition behind it. He was a great teacher.
— Intermediate Macro Theory, Spring 2016